Our new number is: 0121 439 3738
Two Towers Brewery's main brewing operations are now at the Gunmakers Arms, our brewery tap, less than 10 minutes walk away from our old premises at Mott Street. From the Courtyard at the rear of the pub you can get a great view of the brewery through a recently installed huge 'shop window'. We will soon be publishing a schedule of our brewing so that you can see your ale being brewed; pop back a couple of weeks later and you can drink it! Here we are on a Google Map>>>>>>>>
So, you're The Organiser?
You've been tasked with organising a do: wedding, wake or winterval; Christmas or Christingle; Bloomsday or Doomsday. No matter what the occasion, we can satisfy your requirements with a brewery tour. Find out more here>>>>>>>>.
The Gunmakers Arms
Winner of Birmingham CAMRA's Rising Star 2016 Award, our brewery tap has a selection of Two Towers Brewery ales, great quality lagers - including Freedom Authentic and Pilsner Urquell - Hogan's cider and usually at least one farmhouse cider, all on draught.
Opening times and more info here: The Gunmakers Arms
Fancy a look around the new brewery at the Gunmakers Arms? We are now running tours at least once a month, adding more to cater for demand. If you're a business or other organisation looking for something different for clients or staff we welcome group bookings. For more details about availability, cost and such like pop along here>>>>>>>>
Local accommodation
If you're coming to see us from afar and are looking for somewhere to rest your weary (beery?) head check out for somewhere to stay.
Our Brewery Shop
You'll find the widest selection of our ales at the Gunmakers Arms, our brewery tap. We have bottle-conditioned ales which are only otherwise available in the best off-licences and restaurants where there’s a genuine appreciation of real ale. Bottles are available individually, in cases and in 3-bottle presentation packs. We also sell cask-conditioned ales in 10 litre and 20 litre polypins, filling them to order. Find out more here>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Monday to Friday 10am-3pm
Saturday 10am-2pm
We can sort out order collections at other times by arrangement but the brewery is closed Sunday and Monday.
Gift vouchers
Vouchers are available for our ale from the brewery (takeaway) and brewery tours. For tours email us the To & From info, pay us and we'll email back a personalised voucher. They start at £10. Find out more here>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Enjoy the privileges of Two Towers Brewery Club membership.
Here are some details>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Our phone number: 0121 439 3738